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I’m almost three years into blogging and I love it as much now as I did in the beginning. If not more. I have learnt so much about technology over those three years that I could probably write a book about it. I had never considered myself a pro-blogger before, as I assumed that pro’s were the people with millions of hits, rather than thousands. Then I read a post on Tots100, written by my blog friend Lucy, who has an incredible photography blog called Capture By Lucy. She pointed out that professional blogging isn’t based on stats, but is someone who blogs full time and considers it their job. I left my part time job and I will soon be blogging full time, so I guess that means I am heading into pro-blogger territory.

Blogging makes me happy and it provides our family with so many opportunities that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to appreciate. My family have reached the point now, where they understand that these are “working opportunities”, not freebies. I have to dedicate time and passion into my blog posts, my social media and my photography. The girls love being featured on my blog and we all enjoy the rewards of my work. It’s funny how many little things have changed as a result of blogging and become ways of life, but they’ve slipped in so casually, that none of us noticed.


We know we are a blogging family because…

  • It’s now “normal” to photograph every meal you eat, whether in a posh restaurant or a greasy spoon. A camera or phone has as much right to be on the dining table as a knife and fork. And if it looks delicious, it’s going on Instagram.


  • On checking into hotels, everybody must wait in the bathroom with all the luggage, whilst Mummy takes vital photographs of the room. We all know that seconds later, it will become a bombsite of smelly socks, empty cola cans and toys.


  • If Mummy asks you to put on a particular outfit, gather random household items and pose for a photograph with them, there’s no need for questions. Everyone knows she simply can’t find the right photo to go with her latest blog post.


  • When Bunny or the twins achieve something, or have had a fabulous day out, Bunny says, “Can you blog about this please Mummy”, because just like me, she loves to share our family fun with the rest of the World.


  • On video, we use our nicknames instead of our real names… just in case it ends up on YouTube.


  • On busy days, toilet breaks double up as Tweeting time, no matter where we are. Extra time should be allowed, without anybody making reference to what Mummy was doing in there.


  • If the doorbell rings, we know that means there’s a parcel to unpack and something new to review.


  • At blog events, it is expected that Mummy should stare at other people’s breasts nametags and hug complete strangers as though she’s known them for years. It is also acceptable to do the same to all celebrities whom happen to be at such events (Katy Hill and Dr Ranj give particularly good hugs).


  • Chargers, for all manner of electronics, are our most essential travel items, after passports and money. In fact, Mummy carries so many chargers, that she gets frisked and bag searched at all airports and seaports without fail (an also at the houses of parliament).


If I were to sit and think about it, I’m sure there are many more of these new little habits I could think of, that are a direct result of running this blog and my travel blog. I’d love to hear of any more that other bloggers would like to add to the list!




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  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Great list. Blogging has given your family some great oppportunities. Funnily enough, having big kids who don’t really like me blogging and whose photos don’t appear on my blog means I can’t relate to many of these! I usually get shouted at for taking blog photos! We also don’t get many freebies/ working opportunities because we don’t seem to fit the parent blog niche. It doesn’t mean I love blogging any less though!
    Good luck with your new life as pro-blogger. I know you will do a great job. X
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Acne – the next generationMy Profile

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