Today is World Book Day and most people’s social news feeds are full of children dressed up as different book characters.

Bunny’s school aren’t dressing up for it, as far as I know, but that’s just as well, because she’s not at school. She woke up this morning, got ready for school and then projectile vomitted across the bathroom. She’s now bathed and snuggled under a duvet on the sofa.

The twins, however, are a taking part in world book day at nursery. They only have one dressing up costume each and I’m not in a position to create or buy a new one right now. Unlike Bunny, they rarely play with dressing up clothes anyway. So for World Book Day 2015 (and the first time the twins have ever gone out in fancy dress), Tiny and Fluffy are…


Sleeping Beauty!

They’ve gone off to nursery to play with their friends, who seem to all be dressed up too. Even the staff have dressed up (which I think is lovely).

I really hope Bunny is well enough for school tomorrow because they are doing the Red Nose Day Danceathon at school!

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