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Bunny is a very girly girl, who loves wearing dresses and despises trousers, no matter how pretty they are. She tries to wear summer dresses in the middle of winter and no matter where I try to hide them, she always finds them and gets them out again.

I recently decided to go through her wardrobe (and the washing pile) and work out which of her clothes still fit her, and which don’t. I’ve gotten into the habit of buying the twins loads of clothes recently, thinking they were short of tops. However, since catching up on a mountain of washing, I soon discovered that actually, they have about 30 tops each! I didn’t want to make the same mistake with Bunny.

It turns out that Bunny was short on dresses. Yes, she can still squeeze into age 4-5 dresses, but enough is enough now, it’s time to say goodbye to those. She should be wearing dresses in her own size.

So I spent an evening browsing the gorgeous dresses on the House of Fraser website. Seeing as she gets so much use out of her dresses, I may as well buy her good quality ones.

It took me a long time to decide. Bunny was in bed, but I knew she’d want something girly and grown up, but not TOO grown up (she’s still my little girl)!

I settled on a blue floral summer dress from Yumi Girls, priced £20.00 and a navy long sleeved, bird print dress (also Yumi Girls) for £17.00. I thought that both dresses would be ideal for spring, the short sleeved one on warmer days or with tights and a cardi, and the longer sleeved dress on cooler days.

House of Fraser
Ordering on the House of Fraser website was quick and easy. Delivery charges were laid out by price and speed, but there was also the option to collect in-store for free. We chose delivery for £3 and the items arrived quicker than expected.

House of Fraser Dress 2
I was really impressed with the quality of the clothes and the feel of the fabrics. Both dresses are perfect for spring and Bunny absolutely loves them. It’s made me decide to stop buying numerous dresses from cheaper shops and instead invest in just a few really nice dresses like these. To be honest, they aren’t much more expensive than dresses from supermarkets, but they are so much nicer. They wash well too. House of Fraser is likely to be the first place I look from now on, when my girls need new clothes.

House of Fraser Dress 1

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