Welcome to the first week of #TheKidsVlog

Bunny is so excited, she went in and told her teachers that she is now a vlogger, as they are currently doing a project on video production. One of her teacher’s said that perhaps she can do a presentation to the rest of the class. She has already made the first 6 videos for #TheKidsVlog and they are edited and ready to upload to YouTube.

We did a sneaky preview of the first video on YouTube and she is thrilled that so many people have popped over to youtube, pressed the like button or commented. This video has even seen 6 new subscribers to my channel. She was a bit annoyed at the one miscreant who gave her the thumbs down though, as after all, she’s only 7 years old.

So this week’s vlog is an introduction. In the next few coming weeks, Bunny has vlogs on Brownies, gymnastics, speaking Mandarin and making a chicken pie!

She would really REALLY love it if any other children would like to get involved in #TheKidsVlog by making videos of their own. They can be about anything you like, but bear internet safety in mind, don’t reveal where you live or what school you go to.

Every Friday, here on this blog, you will find a linky, where you can link up a blog post containing a kids vlog or just a link to the YouTube video of your kids vlog. You will also find Bunny’s vlog here too.

The rules

If you are linking up to #TheKidsVlog please make sure you visit at least two of the other linkups. Pop over to YouTube and give them a comment or a thumbs up. If you like someone else’s videos a lot, you could even subscribe to their channel.

If you have a blog too, please add our badge to a post or to your sidebar, so other people can find this linky.


Don’t forget to tweet your links with the hashtag #TheKidsVlog and I will ReTweet them all!

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