Money… it makes the world go round but it can’t buy you happiness. Did I get that right?

Money is something that we never seem to have much of and also something that can be very difficult to understand. They never teach you money management in schools do they?! You enter the adult world and suddenly you’re immersed in a haze of setting up direct debits and standing orders, pinging money to mobile phones and paying over the internet on paypal. We open bank accounts based on what the bank manager tells us is best for us, because half the time, we wouldn’t have a clue what the options were or what the differences were. We all seem to have an ISA that we never use, we do our best to be frugal and learn to budget, but really, I think finance should be taught in secondary schools. We should be taught about stocks and shares, investments and credit scores. The valuable life skills that people like me end up bumbling around without, googling here and there to try and make sense of all the jargon. I will put my hand up and say I probably wouldn’t get past the first page of the financial times, because I probably, just wouldn’t understand any of it.

The nearest I have ever gotten to making an investment, is buying a supportive bra! But if I were to make an investment, I’d want to go with a brand that cut out all the jargon, cut out all the decision making and did the hard work for me. I recently heard about NutMeg, which does all those things. You decide how much to invest and just by answering a few short questions, Nutmeg draw up an investment portfolio for you. They choose what to invest in and when, using low risk investments, to best protect your money. When you have a family, it becomes essential to be more cautious with your investments and that’s why I’m pretty sure that if I were going to invest I would invest with Nutmeg. It’s basically just a simple way to manage your savings and potentially grow more interest than you would with a traditional savings account. Furthermore, everything is so well explained on the Nutmeg website that I think even I understand it!




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