Bunny recently moved schools and her new school teach Mandarin instead of French, claiming it is “the language of the future”. I have to admit I was quite impressed with this. I know nothing of Mandarin and my Primary school didn’t do languages at all. How cool would it be for my daughter to know a language I don’t?! What I didn’t expect, was for her to learn to count to 39 in Mandarin (and start teaching it to her two year old sisters, who can’t count past two in English) in just a few weeks.

We had a look on Google and appreciate that her pronunciation isn’t quite there yet, but for a 7 year old girl, who has only had a few short lessons, I think she’s doing pretty good.

Thanks to Pixie Dusk for linking up to #TheKidsVlog last time with her son making his Krispy Kreations Donut, Bunny enjoyed watching it.

I am contemplating making #TheKidsVlog a monthly linky instead of weekly, as I appreciate that weekly videos is a lot of work and monthly might tempt more people to get involved. Bunny will still be posting weekly videos though. I’d be happy to hear other peoples thoughts on this?

This week, Bunny wanted to show you her Mandarin for #TheKidsVlog so here it is.

Bunny would love you to come and link up you own children’s videos. If they’ve never done a vlog before, don’t worry, we are supportive and not critical.

If you have a blog too, please add our badge to a post or to your sidebar, so other people can find this linky.


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