British weather, is unpredictable at best. It’s only the beginning of April and all of last week, I spent in shorts and dresses, yet I’ve known holidays in August, where I’ve had to dash out and buy jumpers for cold and blustery weather. The year my daughter was born, it rained so hard in July that we were evacuated from our homes, because the city was flooded. And didn’t we have snow in April one year?


Snow days


This British weather has a lot to answer for and becomes the subject of many peoples jokes and conversations. I don’t think all countries start conversations in the supermarket with talk of the weather, but it seems to be part of our culture. It was also the fundamental reason that my husband and I got married abroad. We wanted guaranteed sunshine and no rain. There wasn’t a hope in hell I wanted to be trying to incorporate a jacket or umbrella into my wedding dress design! It’s also the reason that us Brits have such varied wardrobes. You need to have different thicknesses and styles of jumpers for all seasons and weather eventualities. You need tights of varying deniers, coats of different styles and shoes for every type of weather too.




Even in the heat of summer here, you more often than not, need at least a thin cardigan or jumper in the evenings. Especially if you have friends like mine, whom at a barbecue, decide it’s a great idea to have a water fight with the beer cooler (paddling pool filled with ice and water). They soon regret it and I spend the next twenty minutes dishing out clothes from my wardrobe.

I am however, pleasantly surprised with the current weather. It’s hot and sunny and I don’t need to put on a Jumper until about 8pm. It makes it hard to believe it’s only April, but we are loving every second of it.



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