I am a typical girly woman, when it comes to flowers. I love to be given a bunch of fresh flowers every now and then. I love to see flowers growing in peoples gardens (especially my own) and I love photographing flowers too.

Look at this photo I took recently of some beautiful flowers in the gardens of Sudeley Castle!

Sudeley Castle (137)
Flowers are such an easy gift to give and such a lovely gift to receive. Flowers fit every occasion, from a thank you or an I’ve missed you, to a birthday or a funeral. I would hazard a guess though, that the biggest day for florists is probably mothers day. On the 10th May this year, I’m sure there will be thousands of women across Australia hoping for a mothers day flower delivery from Fresh Flowers.

I don’t have a favourite flower, but I love big flowers and I love flowers that give off a strong scent.  Lily’s smell gorgeous and can fragrance a whole room in just a few hours, yet some people consider them a funeral flower, so don’t give them as gifts. Roses and tulips are beautiful and another of my favourites are Gerbera. I had white Gerbera as my wedding flowers, when I got married in Cyprus almost 4 years ago. The coloured ones are beautiful too.

I am also a sucker for flowers that remind me of my childhood. Daisies of course, from making daisy chains in the park, Forget-Me-Nots, just for being tiny, and buttercups, to do the “do you like butter” test. Daffodils and bluebells taught us about seasons and although they are unfathomably a weed, it’s not a childhood without blowing Dandelion clocks to tell the time!

I’d like to think my love of flowers has matured somewhat though and I am currently learning a fair bit about the differences between weeds and flowers, as I do up my garden.

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