What do you think of each time you buy a lottery ticket and hope to win? What will do with the money? Help others? Buy a new home? Fulfill all your dreams? Travel around the world? What do lottery winners do? How does the win change their lives?


They were all lucky at one point in their lives, but some of them use their sudden fortune to brush up their lives, while others succeed to blow it all. What separates those lottery winners who live happily ever after, dedicate their life to charitable causes, help their families and accomplish their dreams from the ones who wind up broke, with no roof above their head? The answer is simple: their investments!


According to a study performed by the UK National Lottery, real estate, luxury cars and holidays rank among the first choices with lottery winners. However, most of them also make investments that will generate future income or invest to their kids’ benefit. Let’s see a few examples of how lottery winners spend their money and make it all matter!


Charitable Causes


Charity is inside us. As humans, we are all charitable beings, and lottery winners prove it. Maybe when running into a big amount of money, people feel more generous, or maybe they have always been like this, but the lottery has just provided them with the means to act upon their charitable heart.


The lucky Powerball winner, Gloria McKenzie entered the lottery’s history books for cashing in the largest American lottery jackpot on one single ticket. A part of the $590.5 million she won went to help various causes, including to fixing the leaky roof of the school in her native town. A lucky Taiwanese broke the record when he decided to share his fortune with 45 social welfare organizations, while EuroMillions lottery winners often make the headlines for their donations.


Luxury residences


An overwhelming 82% of lottery winners decide to invest in real estate property and get for themselves the luxury residences they have always dreamt of. If Gloria McKenzie paid $1.2 million for a two-story, five-bedroom lakefront mansion in Jacksonville, there are others who go overboard for this. EuroMillions winners Matt and Cassey Topham purchased a historic mansion in Adams Hill, Nottingham for £1.2 million. They demolished the 1930s building to make way to a new modernistic structure that looks like a collection of turtles and features a eight bedrooms. They invested over £5 million in the construction of “Serenity” as they call their new eco-friendly home.


Accomplished dreams


Some people feel they won the lottery just to see their most ardent dreams come alive. While for many of the lucky ones the dream means traveling the world, there are those who go even further. When cashing in a nice $17 million back in 2008, Jay Vargas, aged 19 at that time decided it is time to get his own wrestling TV show – Wrestlicious. John Kutey put a part of his sudden windfall into building a water park after cashing in his share of the $319 million Mega Millions jackpot. A Canadian citizen, Bob Erb decided to donate $1 million out of the total $25 million worth prize to support a yearly event advocating marijuana legalization.

What would you do with the money if you won the lottery?

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