Beat Camp Easter 2015 (19)


Over the Easter holidays, Bunny joined Beat Camp for two days. Bunny has wanted to do Beat Camp for a really long time, so we decided to make it happen.

Beat Camp is a holiday club (and after school club in some Gloucestershire schools) for children aged between 6-12 years. Beat Camp encompasses different percussion techniques (including junk drumming), show stopping tunes (singing and performing), boomwhackers and street dance, just to name a few. Every child is included in every activity and parents get the opportunity to watch the end of week performance and see their child’s skills in action. Each holiday camp has new compositions and teaches new skills, so children can go back every holiday and get something different out of it each time.


Beat Camp Easter 2015 (23)


We only put Bunny into Beat Camp for two days, as we had other commitments, but I know she’d have loved to have done the whole week. She was there for all day, taking a packed lunch with her and some spare change so she could buy some goodies from the tuck shop.

She learnt five different skills and these were put into five performances.


Beat Camp Easter 2015 (28)



Different lengths of poles, make different tones when you hit them. Beat Camp got the children to sort themselves by tone and then play Doe a Deer on Boomwhackers.

STOMP inspired sketch

Everyone loves a bit of junk drumming! I myself have been to London and watched STOMP in the west end. Beat Camp choreographed their own STOMP inspired sketch for the children to do.

Street Dance

Bunny really enjoyed the street dance element of Beat Camp and as parents we thought it was great that there was a little improvisation section in the middle, where children could showcase their individual talents.

Poi Spinning

Bunny enjoyed Poi spinning the most, as it was an entirely new concept to her. If you get a chance, look up “Lily Yo” on YouTube, who does Poi Spinning with fire by a lake and it’s really lovely to watch. Beat Camp let Bunny take her Poi’s home to practice the 3-beat-weave ready for the performance.

Theatrical performance

To get some singing, a bit more dancing and throw some acting into the mix, the children also did a theatrical performance with props, from Mary Poppins. Bunny loved this too.


I’ve put together a little video medley of the five activities that Bunny performed at Beat Camp – Bunny is the little one in the yellow t-shirt.



Our thoughts on Beat Camp…

One of the best parts of Beat Camp, is it’s a very child-led activity. The staff actively encourage the children to input their own ideas and these are encorporated into every performance. It’s not all instructional, the children can use all their own creativity and flair in each activity.

Bunny enjoyed Beat Camp and it gave me a few days during the holidays to concentrate on my writing, whilst knowing she was well cared for by qualified and CRB checked staff. I’d highly recommend it to all parents as a great holiday activity for children, whether shy or confident, Beat Camp knows how to bring out the best in them.


Bunny at Beat Camp

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