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Bunny has been attending acrobatic gymnastics classes for two and a half years. In that time, she has progressed through two different classes and about a year ago, was invited to attend an extra session each week. She now does two and a half hours of classes per week, in two different groups and she absolutely loves it. She has gained levels 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 of the British Gymnastics proficiency awards and will hopefully soon complete level 3. She has also performed in three Christmas shows, which she loved and you may have seen her gymnastics vlog.

Last weekend was a big one for Bunny as her gym were holding an in-house gymnastics competition. This is the first time Bunny has competed in gymnastics. Whilst she has performed shows in front of a big audience of parents and completed her assessments in front of coaches, she’s never done gym competitively before. When I dropped her off, she was extremely nervous. Bunny doesn’t normally get nervous about anything, but this time she was, as she had asked to do the highest level for her floor and bench routines and didn’t want to let her coaches down.

Out of the levels available, Bunny was put onto level 5 for her bench and floor routines and level 3 for her partner routine. I was obviously sitting in the audience watching.

So how did she do?

Well, she came 3rd in her bench and floor routines (out of three), so it could have gone better, but she was very nervous and performed first out of her little group. However, as there were only three in her age and level, she still got a bronze medal for each, which made her feel very proud.

For her pairs performance, her and her partner scored the silver medal for second place (out of five pairs).

That should have been it, but Bunny ended up standing in as a little boys partner, when his partner didn’t show up. His routine was different to Bunny’s so she didn’t have long to practice. And the two of them won the gold medal for first place (out of six pairs) for that level 2 performance.

Bunny’s class also won the 1st place team award, against five other classes, for which she got a certificate.

All gymnasts also got an individual certificate for taking part.

So… for her first ever competitive gymnastics, Bunny walked away with two certificates, two bronze medals, one silver medal and one gold medal. Not bad, I’d say?!


IMAG4141 Gymnastics


I felt very very proud of her and we couldn’t wait to get home and tell Daddy all about it.

Here’s a very short video of her two individual routines.


3 Children and It

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