Two years ago, we took on the Gromit Unleashed Trail in Bristol, an art sculture trail, which is part of The Grand Appeal, raising money for Bristol Children’s Hospital. This year, Aardman Animations launched Shaun in the City – a very similar art sculpture trail, featuring Shaun the Sheep. There were 50 Shaun sculptures in London, and Bunny and I went there for two days and didn’t return home until we had found them all (post coming soon on my travel blog).

The London trail has now finished but the Bristol trail, featuring 70 more Shauns (different to the London ones), is in full swing. We went there this week and found 27 in just four hours.

Here is one of them. His name is Sgt Shepherd and he can be found at Baltic Wharf in Bristol, on the Harbourside Trail…
Shaun in the City Trail, Bristol


These trails are not only a great fundraiser, but also a fantastic way to explore new cities. We walked over twenty miles around London over two days. During Gromit Unleashed and now during Shaun in the City’s Bristol trail, we are also seeing many parts of Bristol, which we would never otherwise explored. It also gives you great ideas for future places to visit, as many of the sculptures are situated close to tourist attractions.

Other cities across the UK are also getting involved in art sculpture trails. We recently took on The Scrumpty Trail in Gloucester, which is a great little trail, with 20 sculptures and easily achievable in just a few hours. Birmingham also has an owl trail with 80 sculptures, called The Big Hoot, which we haven’t attempted yet.

I always love to hear from my readers and would love to hear about some of the other art trails going on around the country, so drop me a comment.

Have you done any art sculpture trails?

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