I am not a fan of the cold weather and I often think that there’s nothing better than coming in from the cold, to a nice warm satisfying dinner. Whilst I will quite happily eat a salad in winter and a curry in summer, there’s a lot to be said for good old fashioned hearty winter warmers.

Here are some of my family’s favourite winter dishes…

  1. Cottage pie with soft fluffy buttery mashed potato and melted cheese on top!
  2. Casserole, hearty and warming with nice big tender chunks of meat in a rich gravy. You can find some lamb casserole recipes here.
  3. Chilli Con Carne. I tend to make this milder for the children and much hotter for myself.
  4. Fish pie. This one is actually my girl’s favourite and whether I make it with a cheesey sauce or a hollandaise sauce, no matter how many types of fish I use, they always love it.
  5. Lasagne… with lots of garlic bread and sometimes even some chips and salad too.
  6. Pie and mash. I am a huge pastry addict, so whether it’s chicken and mushroom or steak and ale; shortcrust pastry, puff or suet, I’d never turn down a good old pie and mash with lashings of gravy.
  7. Pasta bake. Pasta bakes are easy and versatile for those days when you don’t have much spare time. Whether or not you choose to add meat or fish, as long as there is lots of cheese, you can’t go wrong.
  8. Curry and rice. The hotter the better for me, but the children are more partial to the milder curries, like Korma.
  9. Roast dinner. My. Absolute. Favourite. Enough said And you can’t beat a nice homemade roast either.
  10. Steak and chips. With onion rings and mushrooms!

The key to making sure these meals are fully satisfying, is to buy really good quality meat, from a butchers like Donald Russell, rather than buying prepacked supermarket meat, which just doesn’t taste as good.



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