Bunny has always loved doing arts and crafts. As I child I always loved arts and crafts too. In fact, the love for doing all things crafty runs through the family, as my mum has always been good at all manner of crafts and her mum was too. Between the four generations, we’ve done everything from lace making, sugarcraft, knitting, crochet, quilling, origami, paper mache, cross stitch, flower arranging, plaster modelling, painting, cake decorating, candle making, sewing and all manner of other crafts. The four of us have always enjoyed these kinds of activities, but also, we quite like utilising these crafts to make functional products that we can keep and use for years afterwards.

The types of craft kits you can get nowadays, give you even more choice than when I was a little girl, so I thought I’d make a list of the craft activities from The Works that are at the top of Bunny’s wishlist right now.

In no particular order..

Complete colouring and sketch studio – This is a vast selection of colouring pens and pencils in a neat wooden case with three tiers and would be an ideal way to try and get Bunny to actually keep all her colouring pencils in the same place.

Sukie Button Factory – I remember making my own button badges when I was little and Bunny loves this sort of thing too.

“How to draw anything” book – Well I think that one is quite self-explanatory and I can completely understand why Bunny would want this as she wants to be a designer when she is older. She’d need this book as drawing is certainly not a talent I can pass onto her… stick man anyone?

Creative card kit – Bunny loves writing people cards. Funny enough she never feels like writing “thank you” cards after Christmas or birthdays, but any other time of the year, she likes making cards for her school friends and teachers.

Crochet your own cat keychain – I think Bunny has done crochet before with her Granny. I know they have done knitting together and she has always loved cats.

Wooden bead set – because you quite simply can never have too many beads! And I just love having to pick them up CONSTANTLY to avoid them going up the hoover (oh the joys of having daughters)!

Fabric bunting set – We are just about to move house, so Bunny would love to decorate her brand new bedroom with Bunting that she made herself.


To be honest, she’d probably have everything in the shop, given half a chance! We always seem to spend a lot of time in The Works whenever we go there.





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