I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant, but this is the post I wrote when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I am no longer with (or in contact with) SD, but I wanted to share the whole of my pregnancy journey, so I have left it as written at the time and you can follow my story…

I am 8 weeks pregnant and if peeing was an Olympic sport, I’d be in the running for a British gold medal. I know in one of my favourite movies (Juno) she refers to this part of pregnancy as “peeing like Seabiscuit”… well having a kidney infection only adds to that! I seem to constantly have an audience too. If it’s not a whining 8 year old asking for something or a pair of toddlers giving me a running commentary on “Mummy’s weewee AGAIN… look!”, then undoubtedly the cat is trying to sit on my lap!

I literally felt like I was dying last week. I don’t remember the last time I was that ill. The antibiotics are kicking in now and aside from needing to wee every ten minutes without fail, I am starting to feel more human. I wouldn’t say my energy levels are completely back, but I’m getting back to the energy levels of a normal woman in her first trimester (so still seriously bloody tired!).

In addition to my constantly desperate bladder (and probably because of it) I am bloated all the time too. This means I look further than 8 weeks pregnant. I’m sure it will go down soon though before the real baby belly comes. 

I also have that other delightful pregnancy ailment… flatulence! SD and I are still in that phase of our relationship where I would want the ground to swallow me up if I accidentally farted in front of him. So I am having to carefully time when I release the silent-but-violent puffs of air from my rear end! I don’t actually know what would be worse… him HEARING me guff or SMELLING it? If he smells it, I can pretend it was someone else. There is no escaping that sound though… I could try the “It was the chair” routine, but I think my face would give me away.

I’m off to Poland this coming weekend with RoomAuction.com and Gdansk Tourist Board. I’m really really excited, but SD isn’t sharing my enthusiasm because my ex will be coming. He has only just announced, two days before I go, that he’s not happy about it and he wanted to come instead. This was booked and arranged before I even met him, the girl’s want their daddy there and SD has work anyway. He says he trusts me, so hopefully this won’t come between us.

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