I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant, but this is the post I wrote when I was 9 weeks pregnant. I am no longer with (or in contact with) SD, but I wanted to share the whole of my pregnancy journey, so I have left it as written at the time and you can follow my story…


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The nausea is hitting me full force, but so far I’ve not been sick once yet and I’m now 9 weeks pregnant. I gag at everything, but I’m so so relieved not to actually be heaving my guts up every five minutes like I did when I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum in my last pregnancy. My mate leaving a cut onion in my fridge uncovered was the closest I’ve been to vomiting so far. I’m staving off the nausea by eating lots of little snacks. Mostly savoury. This pregnancy has been all about the savoury cravings and that makes me certain that this baby is a boy. All I wanted in my other pregnancies was strawberry milkshake.

I am now squatting in my own house. I’ve served my notice but still have nowhere to live, so I’ve just been told to stay put until a bailiff order arrives. There’s not currently anything anyone can do to help me. The stress is starting to get to me. I’m worried about mine and the girls’ impending homelessness.

But that’s not the worst thing to happen this week. SD ended it. Furthermore, he ended it by text message! I don’t even know why. I guess he’s just not the relationship type. There I was thinking that we were moving towards official relationship status and he has said we are over. I am 9 weeks pregnant with his baby and he chooses to end it now?! I just don’t understand it. He says he’s still attracted to me, he has more fun with me than anybody else, he likes spending time with me, he loves my girls, but he doesn’t want to be with me. That just doesn’t compute in my mind. I can’t stop crying and dwelling and wondering why. I guess I should have expected it from a guy so young and immature. I should have known never to date someone eight years younger than me. He just won’t commit the time to get to know me, not even for the sake of the baby.


  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    What a terrible time you’ve had over the last few weeks 🙁 Getting dumped in that way must have been horrendous, but better it happened when it did than later on. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be living with the threat of bailiffs coming round. Here’s hoping things start to improve for you soon. X
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