Whilst my blog updates are only up to 9 weeks of pregnancy so far, in reality, I am currently 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Yesterday, I went to the Hello Baby 4D Scan Clinic in Cheltenham (review coming soon), where I not only got to see my baby in 3D and 4D for the first time, but the fantastic sonographer told me my baby’s gender. So whilst I was going to wait… due to many requests, I’ve decided to publish my gender reveal video now!

The children came with me to the scan, as did the baby’s great nan and the whole experience was just fantastic. Relaxing in a room with comfy sofas and fairy lights, whilst seeing my baby on a giant TV screen. It was brilliant! The girls found it all very exciting and I’m not 100% sure that the twins really knew what they were looking at, but they do know that there is a baby in mummy’s tummy!


13 week scan, gender reveal


In fact, the twins insist on giving me “belly hugs” every day (they pull their tops up and push their tummies against my tummy) so that they can “cuddle the baby”. They also “kiss the baby” (my belly) a lot and their little faces light up whenever they talk about it. The funniest and cutest thing they do though, is when they look for the baby… they seem to think that they will see the baby if they look down my top (they even check in my bra)! They are just so excited about being big sisters. So it seems only natural, that I let my three gorgeous girls, take charge of my baby’s gender reveal.

So here they are, telling you in their own way… with some confusion in places and a little bit of sulking at the end from Tiny…

Tiny, Fluffy and Bunny, reveal the gender of Baby Bear (Thank you to the person on Twitter who suggested “Bear” as the baby’s blog name… I thought it was really cute, so it has stuck)…


Gender Reveal



Please feel free to comment, but in order to not spoil the gender reveal video for others, please do not give the game away in your comments! Thank you 🙂 

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