I often like to be creative when it comes to gift giving, but I always seem to end up in the rut of buying the same sort of things for people when it comes to birthdays or Christmas. As good as my intentions are, for buying something unique, the inspiration often doesn’t come when I’m flying around the shops in a hurry looking for a present. Particularly when it comes to children, I find myself stood in the middle of a shopping precinct on the phone to my mum asking, “do I get toys or clothes?” as though those two things are the only options.

It turns out, there are online stores with far more unusual gifts than you can find on the high street. I was recently looking for baby gifts when I came across Uncommon Goods. They are a brand with many ethical values, trying to support little known artists and designers, thinking about their environmental footprint, ensuring fair pay policies for their employees and making charitable donations from their profits. I love that a brand can embrace so many ethics and sell really awesome products at the same time. They have a fantastic range of gifts for children, which I’ve been looking at on their website, as all three of my girls have birthdays within the space of a ten day window in May!

I’ve also been pondering the idea of whether or not I will be having a baby shower for Baby Bear. I had them with my girls, so I should probably have one for this little dude too. I wonder if I can sneakily suggest Uncommon Goods to my guests, as they have some really heartwarming baby shower gifts like these.

Uncommon Goods Birth Announcement pillow Uncommon Goods Personalised Constellation Pillow Uncommon Goods Rainbow Drops Mobile

Uncommon Goods is definitely going to be my source of inspiration for gifts from now on!

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