I’m now 21 weeks pregnant, but this is the post I wrote when I was 17 weeks pregnant. If you missed any weeks of my journey and would like to catch up, I blogged my whole pregnancy from 4 weeks onwards. Just tap the menu button above which says “single pregnancy” (as opposed to twin pregnancy).

I’m now 17 weeks pregnant and this week has been chaotic to say the least. In addition to going to work, I’ve been painting walls, painting ceilings, packing boxes, unpacking boxes, steam cleaning pen off walls, steam cleaning skirting boards and sinks and kitchens and bathrooms. I’ve been cooking meals in half a kitchen, climbing over things, wondering where things are, buying carpet and tackling the school run and gym run by bus. I’ve been waiting for engineers, trying to resolve issues, send emails and blog with no internet or phone. And I’ve been doing all this whilst trying to ensure the absolute minimum of disruption to my children’s routines and trying to make their new bedrooms as homely as possible. Their bedrooms were my priority and I made sure they were decorated and carpeted first. Their rooms and the kitchen are the only rooms I have been able to unpack so far, but I don’t want the stress of moving house to impact them too much.

All this chaos has meant very little sleep and pulling all-nighters with cleaning and decorating (so as to be able to do it whilst the children are in bed). I’ve been going up ladders far more often than is recommended for pregnant women and doing far more heavy lifting than I should, but honestly… what choice do I have? I’ve also added vast quantities of pastries and milkshakes to my diet. Admittedly these are not the most energising of foods, but it’s what I’ve been craving.

Whilst I am utterly exhausted and CANNOT WAIT for the house moving to be over, the upside to being this busy, is that I simply don’t have time to think about he-who-shall-not-be-named or what he did to me.

My tummy is growing and I am starting to show now. Baby Bear’s movements are becoming much more regular and feeling much more like kicks now, rather than just somersaults and whooshing. A customer at work actually asked “are you expecting?”, which means I’m starting to look more like I am fat with baby, than fat with pastry, and that makes me happy.


17 weeks pregnant


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