I love to sit down and get stuck into a good book from time to time. I find it’s a great way to relax and to clear your mind of all the to-do lists and things which fog your brain over the course of a day. Unfortunately, being a busy mum of three, who is trying to redecorate and unpack a new house, work part time, attend hospital appointments, run two blogs, travel, cook, clean, bring up three children and do the school run, gym run, twins club run and shopping by bus… I’m usually exhausted by 10pm and finding the time to read a book is hard.

Galaxy (yes the chocolate brand) recognise how busy us mums can be and are trying to reintroduce the pleasure of reading into peoples lives. They’ve done this, by bringing out Galaxy Quick Read’s, which are a series of short books, available to buy for just £1 each, written by well known authors.

Galaxy Quick Reads

As much as I love the idea of lounging in the bath with a book and a big bar of chocolate, it’s still not likely to happen, but I have found that actually there are many opportunities to read, that I hadn’t considered before. As Galaxy Quick Reads are short books (and some of these even contain short stories – about 10-20 pages long), I slip one into my handbag or changing bag before I go anywhere. Now, instead of scrolling through Facebook when the twins fall asleep on the bus, I read a book. When I’m sitting in the hospital waiting room, waiting for a baby scan or consultant appointment, I read a short story from one of the Galaxy Quick Read books. Or whilst I’m waiting to pick Bunny up from gymnastics, or even whilst I’m cooking dinner. These books give me a brief escape without consuming days of my life or frustrating me because I don’t have time to finish them.

I’ve also gotten into the habit of slipping a chocolate bar into my bag too, to add to the relaxation factor… Okay… ONE would be an understatement… I’ve gotten into the habit of slipping a COUPLE OF MULTIPACKS of chocolate into my handbag! Well… I am eating for two.

Galaxy Quick Reads are offering one lucky reader of mine, the full set of six Quick Read books and a bar of Galaxy chocolate. To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below to enter. One lucky winner will be drawn at random on the closing date.

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  1. Hayley F says:

    These look brilliant. I’ve never seen them before. It can be overwelming to read a big book but i would definitely pick one of these up x

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