In January, we reluctantly moved house, but now, in hindsight, it feels like one of the best things we ever did. This house, whilst I don’t own it, I am free to decorate however I wish. It feels more like home than the last house already, despite the fact that it needs a LOT of work. Every single room needs completely redecorating and I will soon be launching a weekly feature on my blog showing the work that I’m doing to make my house a home. To put it another way… how I’m going to “homify” my house! Homify is actually a fantastic website for inspiration and I’ve been looking at it for girls bedroom ideas.

At the moment, the twins share the smallest bedroom, because they only sleep in their room and they don’t need a great deal of furniture in their bedroom. Bunny has the larger bedroom as she has a LOT of stuff (far too much) and she spends a lot of time playing in her room, whereas the twins tend to play in the living room where I can keep an eye on them. My priority on moving house, was to decorate the children’s rooms first.

In Bunny’s room we stripped the wallpaper, sanded the walls and painted them magnolia, with a feature wall in lilac (her choice). When the house is more up together, we will be able to add some more creative decor to her bedroom. For now though we need to keep everything simple and get the whole house a bit more homely because I’m really not a fan of the half-stripped tatty wallpaper look!

The twins simply wanted blue walls and the woodchip wallpaper in their bedroom was actually in okay condition, so I painted over it with a coat of pale blue paint. Their room however, is temporary. Once Baby Bear reaches about 6 months old, the twins are going to move into Bunny’s bedroom and their room will be made into Baby Bear’s nursery. The girls want a bunk bed with a single on the top for Bunny and a double underneath for the twins. I’m so releived that this is what they want, because it’s the option that gives all four children the most space. It also means that I have a good nine months too look at girls bedroom ideas too, so that I can make their room really special and suited to all three of them.


Post written in collaboration with Homify


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