I love that my new house is basically a blank canvas. Whilst it is a lot of work, I can decorate it however I wish. I decorated the children’s rooms first, before we moved in, so that it’d be homely for them from the very beginning. I did however, only give them very basic decoration, with plans to make their rooms much more exciting once the rest of the house is up together.

Bunny keeps asking if I can buy a triple bunk bed and move the twins into her room and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s a good idea. The twins room is tiny and would make a gorgeous nursery. So now I’ve been looking at ideas for how to decorate the big room for the three of them and the little room for Baby Bear. One of the simplest ways to enhance a childs bedroom is with wall stickers. I’ve been browsing through thousands of these online so thought I’d share some of my favourites.

These are my top ten children’s wall stickers:

 childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, Noahs ark

Noah’s Ark

This one is great because it’d suit girls and boys and I think it fits quite a big age range too. Bunny would happily have this on her wall, yet it’d also look good on Baby Bear’s wall too.


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, garden of birds

Garden of Birds

The detail in this wall sticker is immense and this is one of my favourites for Bunny’s wall, as I don’t think she’d grow out of it. In fact… I’d have this one on my own wall!


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, sky full of stars

Sky Full of Stars

As these stickers are white, they would show up on any coloured wall. I quite like the idea of having this on the nursery wall and turning it into a bedtime story.


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, forest tree with birds

Forest Tree with Birds

I’ve always liked tree themed wall art for some reason and am actually having a tree mural painted in my living room. I love this version for children, complete with owls which you can place on any branch you like.


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, fire breathing dragon

Fire Breathing Dragon

Dragons are awesome and I think this would look great in a boys room, maybe with some other dragon themed accessories.


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, dinosaurs


Rather than one complete picture, these dinosaur wall stickers are all individual so you can spread them around a room however you please.


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers

Fantasy Village

This little fairy village is very cute. My girls would love this next to their beds.


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, space

Space Explorers

I quite like the idea of a space themed nursery for the baby and this looks like the friendliest alien I’ve ever seen!


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, jungle stickers, monkeys

Jungle stickers

This is another one where the stickers are individual so you can place the animals wherever you choose. I think it’s very cute and suitable for boy or girl.


childrens wall stickers, wall art, tenstickers, animal stickers


I chose this as one of my favourites to as I think it’d look really great on a ceiling above one of the kids beds.


All of the wall stickers featured in this post are available to buy from TenStickers.



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