22 Weeks Pregnant (published at 30 weeks)…

From the very first pregnancy craving, I have ONLY wanted savoury, salty or spicy foods. Chocolate, cake, sweets, even cereal have been off the agenda. I’d be choosing to snack on a chunk of cheese rather than a biscuit, every time. I’ve never had a massively sweet tooth anyway but I’m partial to a bit of cake. Up until last week, I was really off sweet foods completely, although admittedly I have been eating a LOT this pregnancy.

I realize that you don’t actually have to eat for two when you are pregnant and that actually an extra potato at dinner suitably satisfies the pregnant body’s extra energy needs. But I AM eating for two. I’m eating for two sturdy adults, judging by the look of my diet! I’m not concerned by my excessive food intake as even at 22 weeks pregnant, I still weigh less than 9 stones!

What I am concerned about, is my recent sugar binge. I’m not actually sure how long I’ve been doing this, but I only noticed yesterday that I have a problem. I have suddenly started gorging myself on anything and everything sweet. I can’t stop myself. It’s giving me headaches and making me have energy dips and highs, but it’s a need that I have to fulfill.

I wake up in the morning and head straight for the sugary cereal… Or sometimes a non sugary cereal, which I then coat in sugar. I follow that with a hot cross bun and a piece of cake, washed down with a sugary cup of fruit tea. Decaf of course. By 10am I’m hungry. I raid the fruit bowl and follow a whole punnet of grapes with some chocolate. I make a smoothie to go with it, just to make me feel a bit healthier. At lunch time, I will eat a hearty savoury lunch. Followed by three chocolate cakes and a pint of vimto (Think cupcakes or rice crispy cakes… Not a whole gateaux!). About an hour after lunch, I reach for the multi pack of toffee crisps which I have in my handbag. If I can show restraint, I’ll just eat one. Then at 5pm, I have a toasted teacake, washed down with a hot chocolate with sweetened cream on top. I eat a hearty dinner, but by time the children are on bed, I’m working my way through the cakes, fruit and chocolate again until I go to bed.

Now I KNOW that this is not good for me, and I know it’s not normal and that it is probably what is causing me headaches.

What I don’t know is how, when or why it started, although I’d hazard a guess that it’s been building up over the last two weeks. The other thing I don’t know… Is how to stop.

Restraining myself just makes me cranky and irritable. I don’t want to stop. I LOVE ALL THE CAKE! But I’m worried there will be health implications for me and Baby Bear if I don’t cut down.

So I put it to you… Have any other mummies out there had a mad sugar rampage mid pregnancy?


22 weeks pregnant, sugar binge

  1. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure says:

    I was exactly like this with all three boys, I wanted to eat salty crisps for the first half and then wouldn’t get out of bed without eating a multi pack of twirls in the second half. This time it has been sugar from the start and I want Coke a lot too

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