This is the post I wrote at 27 weeks pregnant. I did not write a post at 26 weeks as I was on holiday in Woolacombe.

I feel HUGE and this baby moves about so much that it’s uncomfortable and bordering on painful. I don’t remember finding the movement this uncomfortable with the twins. It mostly feels like him turning around, more often than kicks. He’s a total fidget. Sometimes it feels like he is trying to burrow his way out of my belly button with a set of tools. Sometimes it feels like a foot is about to break through my vagina. And sometimes I feel like Sigourney Weaver waiting for a face hugger to bust out of my stomach. I actually Googled to see if a baby can kick hard enough that it breaks your waters, because I started to worry. It turns out that’s a controversial subject as some say yes and some say no. All the kicks and all the movement I feel is very low down. When he kicks downwards, I jump, and if I’m standing it makes my knees buckle. I just don’t understand how he can be this strong at only 27 weeks?

He’s also very responsive. He responds with kicks to light, to music, to warm hands or to me resting things on my bump. He really didn’t seem impressed that time I rested a bowl of ice cream on my tummy. Wonder if he felt the cold? Often if I put a warm hand on my tummy when he is awake, he will kick that hand. It seems like he is saying hello, but he’s more likely saying “stop poking me and give me my space back”.

SD and I are talking again, which is nice. I hope we will be able to build some sort of friendship but there’s a lot of hurt and mistrust that I need to try and get past first. I’ve agreed he can be at the birth but I’m still keeping my best friend as my birth partner in case he bails on me, freaks out or annoys me.

I’ve started thinking about my hospital bag and am writing a list of all the things I need to buy or organise so that I can pack it soon. I’d like to have it packed before I reach 30 weeks. Just in case. I think if I wait until after 30 weeks, I will keep putting it off and end up packing in a panic whilst in labour!

I’ve also started writing my birth plan. I think my chat with SD made me realise that whilst I’ve been happily sailing through pregnancy, I’ve been completely in denial about the fact that I’m actually going to have a baby. I just seem to have assumed that I’ll be pregnant for a few years and have made absolutely no plans whatsoever for giving birth or bringing my baby home!

I’ve made a great deal of progress with unpacking boxes in my house and starting to get every room tidy and looking more homely, but I still feel like I’ve got a long way to go. I’ve spent a lot of time stressing over childcare so I can work, finances (or complete lack of) and Bunny’s school appeal that everything else has taken a back seat lately. Unpacking from moving is a long hard job when you’re a single pregnant working mum of three.

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