Life has been so busy that I’ve not had a chance to write down what’s been happening or how I’ve been feeling. So here’s an update of my 28-32 weeks pregnancy journey.

I had my full 4D scan at Hello Baby in Cheltenham. SD came along too and we were both really surprised by just how good the images were, how clear our baby was and how much we could tell about his little personality just by seeing him on a video screen. I’m totally in love with this little baby boy. SD was not as quiet and grumpy as he had been at the hospital scan he attended and I think it might be slowly starting to sink in that this is a real baby! He was still a bit deer-in-headlights but seemed much more excited than he had previously. I don’t want to say too much about the scan because I’m planning to write a whole post just about my scan with some images too.

SD actually came to my house to help out with some of the DIY jobs that I needed doing. My house still has a very very long way to go before it is baby-ready. I try not to let it get me down but I have to admit, it really does stress me out. When I moved in, every single room needing flooring and ceilings and decorating. The mountains of 4 foot high boxes in every single room stopped my house from feeling like a home. It’s such hard work trying to get through it all on your own when you are working, doing school runs and gym runs and parenting pre-school twins. The twins need CONSTANT supervision and there’s not a great deal I can do with them around, but by time they go to bed I’m exhausted. Particularly as I’ve been hypothyroid most of my pregnancy and it turns out that I’m slightly anaemic too. I keep ploughing on with the jobs but there are certain things I cannot do by myself and just keeping the kitchen and lounge tidy is a full time job with three kids. So SD putting up some coat hooks and a few other things which require power tools definitely helped. I wouldn’t go as far as to say we were “friends”, but it’s nice that we can now be civil to each other.

The indigestion has kicked in now in the evenings and I think I’m going to need to start buying shares in Gaviscon again. I’m also suffering from backache quite often at the end of the day and can no longer lay on my back for more than a minute or two. Other than those few minor pregnancy ailments, I still feel as though I am sailing through this pregnancy. I am over the Myositis and still got that pregnancy “glow”. I feel super healthy, my bump is rapidly expanding and the weeks are flying by so fast that I can’t keep up.

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