This is the post I wrote at 33 weeks pregnant…

You might remember a few weeks ago, before Baby Bear switched to the head down position, that I said his movements were feeling uncomfortable…

…Well I’m back there again now. He is still head down but my goodness he moves so much that it ranges from discomfort to pain. My tummy looks like a beach ball. Perfectly round. I don’t think I’ve gained any body fat, just baby. But I regularly see my whole stomach change shape. I feel feet kicking me so hard it takes my breath away. It makes me feel sick. And sometimes it downright hurts. I’ve had to go out and buy more maternity clothes as some of them are starting to feel a bit tight already!

This pregnancy has absolutely flown by, far faster than I have been prepared for. Yet at the same time, this baby’s kicks and movements are so powerful, I don’t remember my other children being like this even at full term.

I am adamant he is going to be early. I feel like I’m further forwards in this pregnancy than I am. I feel like I’m reaching milestones faster. I just can’t keep up with time (or these updates!). I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and I have a growth scan next week as my consultant is concerned about my fundal height – it’s 2cm less than it should be, but I’m not worried, I think I’m just naturally very small.

I’ve also had to have my thyroxine dose increased again as the baby is taking it all and I’m now meant to be taking iron too, but I keep forgetting to take them! I forget literally everything at the moment. I forget to take things out of the oven, I forget to buy the things I went to the shops for, I forget what I went upstairs for, I forget things I’ve just been told less than a minute before. Baby brain is real people and I feel like I’m the queen of it right now!

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