This is the post I wrote at 34 weeks pregnant…

I am 34 weeks pregnant. I am round. I roll. Actually I struggle to roll, but rolling is the only way I can get up. When I try to get out of my superking size bed in the mornings, I hear Limp Bizkit in my head singing “Keep rollin rollin rollin!”.

And I waddle. I probably look like I’ve farted, followed through and don’t want it to touch my legs!

I’d like to point out that I haven’t actually done that… that’s just how I look when I walk! 

I had a photo shoot with the gorgeous pregnancy and nursing wear range Rainbow in my Jar. Anurita, RIMJ’s truly lovely and inspiring business owner got a train over from London and we did a photoshoot in Pittville Park in Cheltenham. I’m going to blog a full review of Rainbow in my Jar soon, but I want to show the versatility of the dresses by wearing them post-natally and for breastfeeding before I share my thoughts on my blog. For pregnancy though, I absolutely love them, these dresses make me feel so feminine, rather than just fat and heavy like a lot of my maternity clothes do.


34 weeks pregnant,


I have also had my 34 week growth scan because the consultant was concerned about my fundal height. He needn’t have been. My growth scan showed me as a whole week ahead for dates and gave my little Baby Bear an estimated foetal weight of 5lbs already. That’s more than the twins weighed at birth. I’ve been told that if he continues to grow along the same percentile that he is currently on, I could be looking at an eight and a half pound baby by my due date. That little fact does make my eyes water a little bit, because my biggest baby to date was Bunny at 6lb 11oz. I’m thrilled though that this little boy is thriving so much and I love feeling him move now. He moves around for most of the day and because he is laying diagonally (head down, bum central and legs to my right) I often feel his knees and feet in my right hand side.

I actually can’t believe I’m 34 weeks pregnant already. My due date is coming around way too fast!

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