This is the post I wrote at 37 weeks pregnant…

I’m 37 weeks pregnant. I’m full term and I’m panicking. My house isn’t ready. I’m not ready. If he was born right now, I’d be royally screwed! I’ve not 100% finished packing my hospital bag. I’ve not re-read the bible (Gina Ford) and written down my customized intended routine for him. I’ve not bought the pram/pushchair or car seat. I’ve not bought a breast pump.

The moses basket, baby monitor, baby gym, bath seat, travel cot and a few other bits and pieces are still at SD’s house. I haven’t painted the walls. I haven’t got a cotbed yet, or even curtains!

My house is so untidy. I’ve not finished unpacking from moving house yet and I’ve not gotten far at all with the decorating. Thankfully I’m currently reviewing two Gtech vacuum cleaners so although nothing is where it should be, at least the floors are clean!

I’ve been up til 3am every night trying to get the house sorted, furniture built and things in the correct rooms. It’s exhausting.

I’m still working, but I’ve now taken the decision to drop my ten hour shifts because I was just starting to find them too much. My tummy was starting to feel heavy and my legs were starting to ache. I’m now just working 4-5 hour shifts Thursday to Sunday. I finish work to start maternity leave next week and I feel like I’m really going to miss my job and the lovely people I work with. At least I will have two weeks to focus on getting my house sorted and the endless to-do-list done!

I don’t want to go overdue, but at the same time, I really hope this baby doesn’t come early – I just have SO MUCH to do! It’s actually starting to get me down. My list of things I want to get done before the baby is born, is so long that it’s not possible to do it all, but me being me, I want to get as much done as possible. I’ve got a few people helping me out now though. I have some truly amazing friends who have been coming round to help with various parts of building and decorating, which I am immensely grateful for. Especially considering that now I’m 37 weeks pregnant and it’s getting difficult to walk!


37 weeks pregnant



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