It began with 9 year old Bunny’s questions…

“Mummy how did the baby get in your tummy?”

“Mummy how does the baby get out of your tummy?”

“Mummy how is SD the baby’s daddy when he’s not your boyfriend?”

So I bought a little book called “Mummy laid an egg” by Babette Cole after reading recommendations online. I have to say, I was a little bit startled by the book. It begins with lots of false stories of how babies are made and then rolls into the real story, which confused Bunny, because she then thought that the real story was a work of fiction too. I was surprised by the page which shows lots of different positions in which “mummys and daddys fit together”… which I’m not sure was really necessary. A bit too much information for a 9 year old perhaps? Aside from which… this was about Mummy who is not with Daddy and the baby who is SD’s.

Needless to say, Babette Cole failed, confused my daughter more and led to me having to have a conversation explaining sex. To which Bunny’s response was…


Followed by:
“OH MY GOD… You did THAT with SD?”

Bunny now thinks boys are disgusting, kissing is disgusting and she is going to adopt a baby when she is older so that she never has to have sex! She’s also now stopped singing LMFAO’s “I’m sexy and I know it”, much to my relief!

Awkward conversation out of the way, I was relieved that I won’t need to have this discussion with the twins for many years.

Or so I thought…

In the car the other day, Tiny piped up with, “Mummy how does the baby get out of your tummy?”

Now I realise that 4 year olds are not ready for the level of information that 9 year olds are, so I thought I’d keep it simple…

“The doctor will get him out”.

Tiny was quite satisfied with that answer… for all of ten minutes…

“Mummy HOW does the doctor get the baby out of your tummy?”

So I told her he uses magic. She asked if he uses a magic wand, like her magic wand, to which I had assured her he does and again she was happy…

…for another ten minutes of our car journey…


“But Mummy… doctors don’t have magic wands…?!”

Okay that’s it. I have no answer for that. I’ve been outsmarted by a 4 year old!


mummy how does the baby get out of your tummy?


  1. Michelle wood says:

    Just read this and found it very interesting and amusing.
    Children are very sensitive and inquisitive little things
    I would love to read more of your postings

  2. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Eek! Awkward! It’s good that Bunny has been put off sex for life. Result!
    I still haven’t had the birds and bees conversation with my daughter. I just don’t know where to begin! I did tell her how babies got out when she was 4 though, and we had A LOT of hilarious conversations about that – ‘Did I like it when I came out of your minnie?’, ‘Did you like it when you came out of Grandma’s minnie?’ etc etc.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Two years of guinea pigsMy Profile

  3. Hollie Buckley says:

    Your story is so interesting and your girl is cutely intelligent. Young children are curious about everything, so they often ask their parents sensitive questions like those. Most of the time they reason so smartly that adults are loss at words.

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