Bunny (9 years old) has always been a big fan of homemade food. She loves baking cakes and making nutritious smoothies. Yoghurt, was not something we had previously thought of making, until we were contacted by EasiYo. On being asked to test out the EasiYo yoghurt maker, we were intrigued and thought we’d give it a go.

We decided to make a little video too, which you can watch here:



We were given two different flavours of yoghurt to choose from… greek style yoghurt with rhubarb and summer fruits. Bunny chose to make summer fruits. There are many different flavours available to buy from £2.75 per packet. If you usually spend this price or more on yoghurt, then this is definitely a worthwhile investment. However, if like me, you usually only spend about £1 per week on yoghurt, this sounds startling at first. I think it’s worth mentioning that this does make 1kg of yoghurt and you are getting the benefits of a homemade taste. There are also different toppings and different styles of yoghurt available to buy.

The great thing about EasiYo yoghurt, is that as well as a homemade taste, all the yoghurts are free from artificial colours or flavours. It’s also a good source of calcium and protein, which helps promote healthy teeth and bones.

The yoghurt only takes a couple of minutes to make, as you simply add water to the packet mix, shake and put into the yoghurt maker along with boiling water. However, you do need to leave it 8-12 hours to set. Once made, the yoghurt has quite a long shelf life and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Another positive of the EasiYo yoghurt maker is the price. It can be bought for around £16.75 (current price at time of publishing this article) from EasiYo, which is very inexpensive. We found the yoghurt really tasted quite nice. I personally found the texture a little thick, but I think that might have been our fault for not reading the instructions properly before we made it… you are supposed to put the water in BEFORE the powder!

This yoghurt was so easy to make, that it’d be ideal to make with children of any age and a nice way to encourage children to eat more yoghurt. I think in future I’d serve it with fruit, to also encourage my children to eat more fruit.


EasiYo yoghurt maker

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