Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I can honestly say mine was the best I’ve had in many years. I don’t usually set new years resolutions, but this year, I do have some. Not so much resolutions, as there (for once) aren’t many things about my life that I want to change. These are more like new years goals, than resolutions. In no particular order:

Lose weight and tone up

Lose 7lbs. For the first time in my life (excluding pregnancy), my weight (in stones) has reached double figures. My mum and a few other people have made comment on my weight gain and this has made me very self conscious and unhappy with my body. In addition to other people noticing, I quite literally split my favourite jeans right open the other day when I bent over. I’m glad I was at home and not out in public. I’ve also gone up from a size 8-10 to a size 14. I know don’t need to lose loads, but half a stone will get me back to my usual weight, at which I am much more comfortable. I can’t actually blame the baby for my weight, as I didn’t gain it during my pregnancy. My weight gain is due to an abundance of cake, pastry and takeaways, which I’ve consumed since he was born. The plan is to lose 7lbs and tone up my tummy.

Get some sunshine

Travel somewhere sunny. I’ve been very grateful to have had some wonderful short breaks over the last two years, but the last time I actually had a full weeks holiday, somewhere hot and sunny, was May 2015. It’s time for some warmth. This year I hope to travel to at least one sunshine destination.

Write a book

I’d love to start writing my book. I’ve been planning to start writing my first book for the last two years. I’d love to have finished my book and sold it to a publisher by this time next year, but I’m trying to set smaller, more achievable goals and anything I achieve on top is a bonus. So this year, I want to make a good solid start on my book.

Be a better blogger

I want to catch up with my blogs and interact more. I’ve got more than 100 blog posts in my draft folder and more on my to-do list. I want to catch up with all of those, make sure I post at least 3 times per week on each blog and restart my linky on my travel blog. I also want to interact more with other bloggers and there’s a special month long project I am working on and hoping to share very soon.

Become debt free

I need to pay off my overdrafts. I did really well to pay off a lot of debts last year and this year I’d love to pay off my overdrafts. It’s going to take some willpower and I’ll have to cut back on a few things, but I’d like to think it’s achievable.


The plan is to redecorate three rooms in my house. When I moved into this house, almost a year ago, it was a mess. I saw it as potential. Myself, my boyfriend, my ex husband and a few friends have between us, done an awful lot of work to improve this house already. There’s still a long way to go, so I’d like to finish off the four rooms which I started and do up at least another three rooms.

Create a garden paradise

The garden. My garden needs a LOT of work, but I’m looking forward to completely transforming it in the spring. Hopefully.


A lot of people don’t like to make new years resolutions or set new goals, because it can be disheartening if you do not achieve them. But in the last few years I’ve become an optimist and I like to have challenges to work towards. Having goals motivates me. So these are mine and with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, hopefully I can achieve them.


new years resolutions

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