Asda have recently launched the Little Angels Day & Night Pants. We have decided to trial them, but first, a little about why we are reviewing them…


ASDA Little Angels Day & Night Pants


My twin daughters are now four and a half years old. They have been toilet trained for about a year now, but unfortunately they aren’t quite ready to be night trained. All children learn at their own pace and my twins too, will get there in their own time. I’m not concerned about this as they have always had a slight developmental delay (due to being low birth weight and premature). It’s perfectly normal. Now that my girls are bigger though, pull-up nappies don’t fit properly and sometimes leak. Some of the “leading brands” offer “pants” for older children. However, having bought these, we didn’t find much difference in size or absorbency, than with the supermarket’s own brands of size 6 pant style nappies. Branded nappies are also much more expensive, which is not ideal if you have twins!

Asda have recently launched the Asda Little Angels Day & Night Pants. These are pull up style nappies designed for older children, aged 4-12 years. These are currently retailing at £3.87 per pack and come in boys or girls so that they have the correct fit. We are trialling the medium sized girls day and night pants, which are suitable for children aged 4-7 years (17-30kg) and come in packs of 10. The large size comes in packs of 9 and are aimed at children aged 8-12 years.

ASDA Little Angels Day & Night Pants


I noticed, first of all, that they are much bigger than generic size 6 nappy pants. The absorbent section comes much higher up and the sides are much more stretchy. These pants can be pulled apart at the side if you need them to (to remove a messy nappy), yet they are sturdy enough to hold together for active children. Design wise, the girls pants have pink bows on and labels which tell you which is the front and which is the back.

Tiny and Fluffy found them very comfy, easy to pull up and down for toilet trips and they both got a good nights sleep in them. In the morning, the day and night pants absorbency was apparent by the sheer weight of the nappies. They had no leaks and neither girl had damp pyjamas, which they often do with ordinary size 6 nappy pants.

Asda’s Little Angels day & night pants do work out a little bit more expensive than the Little Angels First Pants. However, they are still much cheaper than other brands. In my opinion, these provide a much more comfortable and effective fit for 4 year olds. Overall, I think these day & night pants are the best pull up nappies on the market for older children. A good fit for bigger bottoms and much more comfortable and absorbent than all the competing nappies we’ve tried.


ASDA Little Angels Day & Night Pants

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