Before Baby Bear was born, I made a little list of essential baby items. Well… there might have been a few non-essentials too, so let’s just say it was my baby product wish list. One of the items on that list was an original Cuddledry towel. The ordinary newborn towels you buy, always seem so small. They fit when your baby is a newborn but a few months later, it barely covers their wriggly little baby legs. I knew that the Cuddledry towels were much bigger, had a hood for the head and you attach them around your own neck. The idea is to scoop your baby up in the towel and cuddle them dry. I LOVED that idea.

When the towel arrived, I was very impressed by the size of it – this towel will be big enough for baby bear well into his toddler years and beyond. Another thing I loved, was just how soft the towel is. It’s made from pure cotton and natural bamboo fibres, which makes it feel really gentle against skin. I chose the blue and white Original Cuddledry towel, but there are a few different colours and patterns to choose from. The giraffe one looks really cute. The white side is a very soft towelling fabric and the blue side is a super soft fluffy fabric.


Original Cuddledry, Cuddledry towel, baby towel


Functionally, it took a few attempts to figure out how to pick up Baby Bear from the bath, in order to get his head into the hood, but we soon mastered that. Let’s face it – with an ordinary towel, you need to either lay the towel on the floor or borrow a second set of hands anyway. Cuddledry towels fasten securely around your neck, so you don’t have to worry about holding or dropping the towel. We often bath Baby Bear together, so one of us can wear the Cuddledry towel, whilst the other lifts him out of the bath.


Cuddledry towel


We lay baby bear in the white side of the towel, whilst we cuddle him dry. The white side is very absorbent and quick to dry. After cuddles, we lay Baby Bear on the blue fluffy side of the towel to dress him, as this side stays warm and dry. It’s lovely and soft on his delicate baby skin.



I do love this towel and I wish I’d had Cuddledry towels when my girls were little too. We’ve been using ours for six months now and the quality is retained even after numerous machine washes. The softness is the biggest winner for me. Cuddles all around.

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