Baby Bear is the smiliest baby I’ve ever seen. He shares a little bit of Tiny’s mentality and often has a look on his face which says, “I’m just happy to be here!”. He is a little bit more demanding than the twins and since Christmas we’ve had a touch of clinginess. I think it’s because he had to spend two hours with the sperm donor. When I picked him up he was crying and ever since then, he’s had separation anxiety. I can’t leave the room for a minute, without him shouting for me to come back. That said, as long as I’m in sight, he is my biggest smiler.

To be honest, all my children were smiley babies and my twins are still very smiley children. Bunny is almost 10 but acting like a teenager, so we don’t get quite as many smiles from her. Baby Bear is off-the-charts smiley. Every time you look at him… he smiles. Every time you talk to him… he smiles. Every time someone new enters the room… he smiles. Every time he goes in his activity jumper (similar to a Jumperoo)… he smiles. When he rolls across the room… he smiles. When he plays with his toys… he smiles. Every time he sees a nice lady when we are out… he smiles. It’s always the ladies. He’s a real ladies man!

He now gives lovely little kisses too and kisses back make him smile even more. The craziest things are funny. Mike dropped a packet of baby wipes on the floor and Baby Bear got a fit of the giggles. Now, any time the baby wipes hit the floor (we do it deliberately now for the reaction), he laughs. Not just a little laugh, but real hearty chuckles. Funny noises make him giggle too. And his giggle… oh my goodness… it completely melts me. I honestly believe, that there is no greater sound in the world, than the sound of your own children giggling.


  1. Edana says:

    My daughter has been a “smiler” since she was a baby. Now she literally loves the camera. She knows when she gets her picture taken. When she sees a flash of light, she instantly smiles (or in some cases makes a duck face) and it is always on cue. Now that she is starting to understand things, we can guide her to pose, wave her hands and many more. She even laughs every time we startle her in a playful way.

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