Whenever we go on holiday, the swimming pool is usually our first deciding factor on which hotel we choose. If we are going abroad, then this decision goes up a gear. It can’t just be any pool. Oh no! It needs to be an outdoor pool. And not a boring rectangular one. We want an unusual shaped, heated, spectacular outdoor pool with graduated depth (beach like), slides for the kids and sometimes a bridge or two over the top. If the pool doesn’t look absolutely amazing, we choose a different hotel. We don’t even look at what the room or hotel provisions are, until we’ve found a pool we like! 

When we book hotel stays in the UK, I also choose a hotel with a pool over any other hotel. The pool is important!

Unfortunately, we seem to have developed a habit for forgetting someone’s swimming costume. Or armbands. On a recent trip to Dublin, we managed to forget everyone’s swimming costume. I’m really not sure how we did that. A trip to the shops and 80 Euros later, we were kitted out again… or so we thought. The hotel then insisted we spend another 10 Euros on sexy little swimming caps (that’s sarcasm right there – there is absolutely nothing sexy about those swimming caps). The point is, swimming was that much of an essential part of our holiday, that buying new swimwear was totally worth it.

Whilst I have bought a number of different bikini’s over the years, it didn’t dawn on me until this trip to Dublin, that actually, I’ve been wearing the same one-piece swimsuit since secondary school. I’m 31. That means this swimsuit is 15 years old! And whilst I did buy a plain black, budget swimsuit in Dublin, I am now wondering if I should actually treat myself to a pretty new one-piece swimsuit.

Last month, I went to the Traverse conference for travel bloggers and I went one step further than leaving my swimsuit behind… we accidentally left our entire suitcase behind! Thankfully we had everything Baby Bear needed in the changing bag, but we literally only had the clothes we were standing up in. As quite laid back people, we saw the funny side and our hotel were great, giving us little wash kits with toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essentials.

It seems that no matter how many lists I make, I always forget something. I think now though, we’ve bought swimwear for the children, so many times, that hopefully it’s drummed into me to make sure it’s in the suitcase… But there’s clearly no guarantees, that I will remember the suitcase!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten to pack?




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