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As a blogger, I spend a lot of time on my laptop and in my previous house, I had the luxury of my own office. I had a custom built desk, made from an old cotbed, as part of an upcycling project. It was both longer and wider than any standard desk you can buy from the shops and it housed my laptop, printer and a six tier paper rack. On top of the desk I had shortened cot bars, which I weaved fairy lights in and out of. A few personal photos adorned the desk and I had plans to recreate some photo wallpaper, which I had made a few years before. I only lived there for a year and a half before I had to move, but I loved having my own quiet space to work on my blog.

My daughter’s office corner

In my new house, I am making plans to create a small office corner for my oldest daughter Bunny, in her bedroom. She loves having time and space to work on both her Lego creations and her fashion designs (she wants to be a fashion designer) and she really wants a “grown-up desk”. We are having an extension built on our home and when that’s complete, my current bedroom will become Bunny’s and we have already started thinking about home office principles. Whilst she is only ten years old, we want her to have a space in her room that makes her feel independent and encourages her creativity. She wants somewhere where she can enjoy her drawing and building, without her little sisters touching her stuff.

We are planning to custom build her a desk in an alcove, with shelves above, for her to store her models and materials. Above that, Bunny wants an achievement wall, where we will display all her gymnastic’s medals, certificates for various different achievements, photographs, favourite designs and anything else that fills her with pride. This is to be her space to be proud of and feel inspired. This alcove will be her mini-office – something she has wanted for a really long time.

She doesn’t know this yet, but when she moves into this room, we are going to paint the walls with her favourite colour and add a feature wall with some cat print wallpaper. She’s cat mad, so I’m hoping to get a canvas or two made up with photos of her own beloved cat, Nala.


Cat Print Wallpaper

I think, whether you’re a child with an “office” corner or a working parent with a home office, it’s really important to design that space carefully. It needs to be a happy place, where you feel calm, inspired and motivated. Where your work is safe from sticky little hands. Everything from the paint colour to the curtains can impact the design and mood of that space. So think about design carefully and let your personal workspace reflect your persona.




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