Bunny, despite being the fussiest eater of my four children, loves fish. So naturally, she was delighted when Yo Sushi asked her to attend their Mini Ninja Sushi School. This is a Japanese masterclass in how to make sushi, aimed specifically at 5-12 year olds. It’s taking place throughout the school holidays at 50 different Yo! Sushi locations and only costs £15 per child for a one hour class.



Alongside six other children and under the instruction of a lovely teacher, Bunny learnt how to make California Sunshine Rolls, Cucumber Maki and Salmon Nigiri. She also made a fourth type of Sushi, with fresh crab, although I don’t remember the name of it.



The class also included a little tasting session, where the children were given the opportunity to try 5 ingredients which are commonly used in Japanese cuisine. There was pickled ginger, seaweed, a type of chocolate mousse, some strips which tasted like sweet pancake and some sort of omelete-like egg. Bunny was not too fond of some of them, but for sportsmanship, she tried them all.



The actual sushi making, was not as difficult as Bunny had expected, and the children were given the chance to start again if it went wrong. According to Bunny, the best part, was being able to take her Sushi creations home and eat them for lunch. Yo! Sushi also gave her a bag and a certificate and she generously shared her Sushi with her little sisters, so they could try it too. Bunny and the twins all thoroughly enjoyed eating the Sushi and Bunny took pride in knowing that she had made it.



From a mum’s point of view, I thought the Mini Ninja Sushi School was a fantastic summer holiday activity. An hour was just perfect as it didn’t tie up our whole day but gave Bunny time out to try something new and exciting. She learnt a new skill and was chatting animatedly about it for the rest of the day. It also encouraged her to try new Japanese foods, which she hadn’t previously tried.



At the time of publishing this post, there are still spaces available, all across the UK on the Mini Ninja Sushi School. So if you are looking for something different for the children to do in the last week of the holidays, I highly recommend it. You can book a place and get more info here.

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