I’ve written about DIY a fair few times on my blog, and a while back I posted a mood board for the colour scheme I wanted in my lounge. Orange and Grey. The theme was mainly dictated by us buying a brand new sofa in grey and already having grey curtains with an orange stripe. We had a fabulous artist out to paint a tree mural on the wall (look up Brandon’s Murals on Facebook… he’s incredible). He incorporated some silver into the tree trunk and branches, so that the tree would also work well with the grey theme. The leaves included the orange, but added two more colours to the room… mustard yellow and a pale pink with lilac undertones.


wall mural, brandons murals, orange and grey


The colour theme progressed when we had new skirting boards fitted and decided to paint those a light grey too. We simply fed up of white skirting boards. We painted the hatch between our living room and kitchen grey to coordinate with the skirtings. The wall opposite the tree looked a bit bare, so we had Brandon come back and paint us another tree around the hatch. We also painted our chimney breast orange.

We’ve added an orange candle and a mixture of grey and orange cushions to the room. The only thing we haven’t gotten around to sorting in our living room, is lightshades. We have Phillips Hue lighting, so actually, we are now considering adding Utility pendants to the two light fittings, so that the Hue gives off more of a glow.

Having had our lounge the way we want it, for about a year now, we are already considering changing it. Not the trees… oh no! I LOVE the trees. But we are considering changing the curtains, having a bit less orange and introducing a little more of the mustard and the pink which are in the leaves. Orange and grey is not enough. We want more colour and more feminine curtains to make the room a little more cosy. 




  1. Alyssa Winters says:

    Hello Emma, your have posted such a nice blog. I like your idea of decorating the home with orange and gray color. Really, it is the beautiful combination of colors. Now I decided to make my house a home with orange and gray.

  2. Macs says:

    I didn’t know grey and orange is a good match until I saw this. This color combination has a new kick. Thank you for this inspiration.

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