We have recently been planning the extension, which we are having built on the back of our house. It will include an extra bedroom and an extra bathroom and we are really excited about it. The extension will mean Mike and I moving to the new bedroom with the ensuite and Bunny moving into our old bedroom. I’ve got so many ideas on how I want to decorate Bunny’s room. The extra space will also mean we will redesign the twins bedroom and make better use of storage solutions. 

Receiving the architect’s final drawing has definitely been the highlight of this whole process so far and I can’t wait to photograph the building work as it progresses. Unfortunately, the wait for the builders to actually come out and start on our big build is a long one. The building work isn’t going to start until next year, but on the upside, that gives us longer to decide how we want the décor. We are also aiming to try and get the rest of the house decorated whilst we wait.


home extension



We moved to this house in January 2016 and it was in quite a state then. Every single room was in dire need of complete redecoration. Wallpaper needed stripping, all the ceilings needed replastering and painting. There was no flooring or carpets in the house and most of the walls were uneven. Bit by bit we are doing it up and making our house a home. An important part of redecorating is making sure you have the right tools for the job, and we are very lucky to have a few family members who have been helping us too.



With the help of family and friends, so far we have put vinyl flooring down in the kitchen, utility room, downstairs toilet and upstairs bathroom and toilet. We’ve carpeted the whole house, but now decided we aren’t a big fan of the carpet, so we are saving to replace it with a better quality carpet. We’ve painted the kitchen cupboards and changed the cupboard handles and had the kitchen wallpapered. We’ve had laminate flooring laid in the lounge and all new skirting boards fitted. We’ve painted the children’s bedrooms and the lounge and had two fantastic and unique tree murals painted. We’ve started stripping the wallpaper in our hallway and landing and booked a plasterer to come and quote to skim the walls. We’ve started applying to the highways agency for a dropped kerb in preparation for putting a driveway in. We still have a long way to go, but I love that we can continue to improve our home until our hearts’ content. By next summer, with all the renovations we have planned and the extension too, it will feel like a brand new house!




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