Winter is setting in. My least favourite season. It seems to have come out of nowhere. It was summer a few weeks ago and it feels like we’ve skipped autumn altogether. People are already talking about Christmas, which I find very depressing in September. I can’t stand the cold and every winter, I start thinking about whether or not our little family should emigrate to somewhere warmer. Mike and I have discussed it in detail and agreed that it will happen one day, we just need to plan ahead and choose a year.

For the time being, we just have to embrace the changing season and see what we can do to make it a cosier one. I mentioned in one of my home improvement posts, that we want to change the living room curtains, and I think this might now be sooner rather than later. I think a nice big, heavy, insulated pair of eyelet curtains are going to keep the heat in and see us through the winter. I need to get the children’s curtains lined too, although their bedrooms always feel warm anyway.

It’s time for the blankets to come out, so we can feel even for snug in the evenings, cuddled up on the sofa. It’s getting harder to leave my duvet in the mornings and the girls don’t like getting up now that the mornings are darker either.

The heating is on for the winter now too. We tend to just leave it on 24/7 but have a thermostat so it switches itself off when each room reaches 21 degrees. I’m not the sort of person to put on a jumper to save energy. I need to be comfortable in my home and I like it to be warm and cosy for the children too. It’s horrible if you come in from a cold walk to a cold house. I’d rather spend more money on heating and not have to worry about it.



  1. Chris says:

    Our blankets are slowly coming out too! I am looking for ways to save on heating this winter but I like the idea of just paying for the luxury of always coming home to a warm house, something for us to consider.

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