This week I was lucky enough to spend a day on board the MSC Preziosa cruise ship with Tots100 and Trips100 for #BlogCampOnBoard. I had a fabulous day and have cruise wanderlust now. I wish I could take the hubby and kids on a cruise with them. Anyway… Whilst there were many beautiful things to photograph on board, there was one thing I couldn’t wait to share. On the Diamond deck, there were four crystal staircases. Genuine Swarovski crystal staircases. We were told by our host that each step was worth approximately 8000 Euros. Each staircase had 17 steps and I noticed four staircases, which means this ship had around 544,000 Euros worth of Swarovski crystals just in it’s staircases alone.


Swarovski crystal staircase, MSC Preziosa



You could buy two houses for that! It almost makes you frightened to walk on them and that only gives you a tiny hint of the scale of luxury on board cruise ships. It’s out of this world. The ship had so much to offer but nobody seems able to stop talking about those steps! My children would have loved seeing all that bling and I really hope I get the opportunity to show them one day. I have a dream, that one day, I will be able to take my whole family on a week long cruise somewhere hot.


Swarovski crystal staircases, MSC Preziosa


I have a full post about the MSC Preziosa coming on my blog tomorrow. Unusually, just to switch things up a bit, I am posting it here on Crazy with Twins instead of on South West Reviews, where I normally post all of my travel content. I currently have a little mini ship tour video up on YouTube. You can also see that here (and you can really see those Swarovski crystal staircases twinkling):



But for now, I simply had to share the stair-love.


Swarovski crystal staircases, MSC Preziosa

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