Newborn Baby Flower Traditional Ideas

There are so many things you can gift to the parents of a newborn baby. The parents undergo so much excitement and anxiety that your gift has to match the occasion. Sending a flower bouquet to them is a fantastic way to welcome their new bundle of joy.

Although you can choose from a variety of flowers, discussing a flower arrangement with your florist is a good idea, as he or she will help you better in choosing the best ones. In case you don’t have time to discuss with your florist, here are a few newborn baby flower traditional ideas and tips.

Meanings of flowers

Flowers convey a lot of feelings. They can speak for you. For example you can chose to gift a bouquet of pink tulips, which signify “caring”, paired with peonies, which signify “healing”. These can be clustered in a bunch. You can place the peonies in the center and surround them by the tulips.

If you are looking for a baby bouquet, you can go for white orchids (signifying love) with white roses (signifying purity).

Bouquets with special flowers not only look charming, they are lovely gifts for the parents as they calm their anxieties.

Which color to choose

Well, traditionally, pink is for girls and blue is for boys but given the fact that almost everyone gifts that, it can be quite boring. You can pep it up with bright colored flowers like gerberas or yellow roses. If the baby is born prematurely, it will be a wise idea not to send the arrangement until the baby’s health has improved. You don’t have to go with traditional pink and blue always. You can go with the ever-so-delicate white flowers.

What kind of arrangement

For a busy new baby’s mother, the best arrangement would be in a basket rather than a bouquet. You can also present her with a potted plant, which will look beautiful and remind her of the new beginning.

Which flowers to choose

Choose flowers that will last long. Delicate flowers look lovely, but it is possible that they will wilt quickly. Flowers such as gerberas and carnations are hardy and last longer, looking elegant enough all along.

Carnations are the traditional choice for babies, as they look so delicate and soft, yet they are as crinkled as a newborn baby. Being one of the oldest flowers on earth, these are loved for their scent and ruffled appearance.

Which accessories to choose with flowers

A flower basket is not enough for most people. Some flower delivery shops allow their customers to choose extras. Extra stuff that you can choose from includes balloons, stuffed animals, baby rattles, milk bottles or picture frames. Although these are not significant gifts, along with the arrangement these will make a big difference and be a great gift for the mother and the newborn baby.


If you have decided to welcome the baby into the world with flowers, you cannot make a mistake while choosing a baby themed flower arrangement. Talk to your florist to get the tips. Remember color coordination is important and insist upon buying ready-to-bloom flowers.





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