Christmas is very much a time of giving. It is a time of year when we stop and think of others. One of the joys of Christmas is the giving and receiving of presents. The more personal and thoughtful the gift the nicer it is to receive it.

So, today, I thought I would sit down and come up with some truly personal gift ideas. The nice thing about these ideas is that they work just as well for birthdays or when you just want to brighten someone´s day with an unexpected gift.

Personalised canvas prints

Most people use pictures to decorate their home, so canvas prints from somewhere like usually make a great present. You can really personalise this type of gift. Most professional print firms allow you to upload a photo or image of your choosing and have it turned into a canvas print. So, for a grandparent, a snap of them and their grandchildren having fun is an option. For a friend who loves birds a close-up shot of an owl taking flight would be ideal, even better if either you or they took that photo.

In fact, any kind of photo-related gift has the potential to make a good gift. These days you can easily go online and have personalised mugs, phone cases, t-shirts and other items created.

Personalised food hampers

For a friend on a tight budget, a food hamper can be an excellent gift. Often, they will not be able to afford to buy themselves a box of their favourite chocolates or drink the coffee they really like. If you go shopping for those items and put them into a nicely decorated box they are sure to be pleased with your efforts. This is a present that shows that you know them well and demonstrates that they are important to you. When money is tight, practical gifts like this one are usually very welcome.

Gifts that involve spending more time with people

If you have a friend, neighbour or relative that is isolated spending time with them is probably the best gift you can give. It can be as simple as ringing them regularly or popping around once a week with a treat and some magazines. For birthdays and Christmas, the gift of a meal out with you and your family is much better than sending them a voucher for a meal that they will likely have to eat alone. Taking them with you on a day out and paying for their entrance ticket is another way to give the gift of company as well as a physical present.

Gifts you make yourself

Making your own gifts can be a good way to personalise them more. There are literally hundreds of different items that you could potentially make and give to friends and family. This article is a great source of inspiration. It contains 100 ideas including home knitted blankets, to poetry and Russian mule mugs that you can engrave yourself. 




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