Sometimes it’s easy to forget, that it’s often the simple things in life, that children love most. We find ourselves sat around wondering what to do for the day on a Sunday, as though the only options are a full day out somewhere, that costs an arm and a leg. Truth be told, my children, like many, just enjoy a bit of family time, whether that means going somewhere exciting or playing board games together at home.

Last Sunday, after a long day of travelling on the Saturday, and not much sleep, we decided to embrace some of the simpler things. We skipped Junior Park Run, in favour of a lay-in and a lazy morning. We watched a family movie together, did some drawing and headed off outside so the children could burn off some energy on their scooters. I took my DSLR, just because I wanted to capture some more ordinary moments of our lives. Normal, simple things, like scooting around the village. I’m so glad I did, because when I got home and went through those photos, I had an album full of energy, smiles, free flowing hair, sibling affection and glowing happy souls. Photos that made me feel warm and fuzzy and full of adoration for those four beautiful children of mine.



Photos that aren’t perfect of course – My favourite one is even a little blurry, but I love the emotion and the vibrancy that I’ve captured through that lens.



We came home, into the warm, for hot chocolate and cuddles before a hearty dinner and once the children were in bed, I took another look at the photographs. Without a doubt, seeing your children smile and hearing them laugh, is one of the most rewarding parts of motherhood. And it was a day that cost us nothing. Literally just scooting around. It’s so easy to take those ordinary moments for granted, when really we should be cherishing every second.




Country Kids

  1. rebecca Beesley says:

    look at your gorgeous children having such fun scooting around! We’ve recently re-discovered scooting after getting a couple of new scooters at christmas. It’s such a great way to get outdoors. #countrykids xxx

  2. Merlinda Little says:

    A lot of my fave moments are usually blurry in photos too. Kids just cant stay put long enough hehe.

    This looks like a fun day. I have to admit that I suddenly miss my son scootering as we didnt do any this week!

    Merlinda Little recently posted..DisappointedMy Profile

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