At school, the twins have been learning about fairytales, with a particular focus on The Gingerbread Man. In the last week of term, they celebrated all they’d been learning, with a “Gingerbread Party”. We received handwritten invitations from the twins and they were excited about it all week.

When we arrived at the gingerbread party, we were really surprised by just how much work had gone into it. It was like a school fete. There were tables set up all around the room, with a different activity on each one.

The twins had each typed their own versions of “the gingerbread man”, and not to be sexist, they’d written “gingerbread lady” stories, with different characters and different endings. I LOVE seeing the way children spell words when they are still just learning to read and write. How cute are these stories?…


Gingerbread party, gingerbread story


One table had a game, where the children had to roll a different number on a dice. Each number corresponded to a different part of the gingerbread man, that they could draw on with felt tips.

There was a treasure hunt, with letters dotted around the room, to spell out a sentence. Children won a prize (a gingerbread house) for completing it.


A gingerbread house photo prop had been made for the children to pop their heads through. Their teacher told us the second hole is for the parents head, but I used having twins as an excuse to avoid my mug being in the photo!


Gingerbread party, gingerbread house,


One table was laden with cupcakes and gingerbread jars, so the children could go home and make their own gingerbread men (or ladies).


Gingerbread party, gingerbread jars, gingerbread favours


Another table was set up for cutting and sticking patterns onto paper gingerbread people.

A table full of ginger nut biscuits and gingerbread people, awaited the children to decorate with icing and stick marshmallows on. The twins made one each for themselves and made one for their big sister too. She was getting changed for a football match at the time, so she was grateful for the personalised snack. I think I will be a little sad when they are no longer all in the same school.

And who can forget the table of goody bags?! Each goody bag contained a game, with dice, a guidedog badge and folders full of gingerbread themed activities for the children to do over the school holidays.

There was even a feedback and donations table, and the children raised money to support a guide dog through it’s training. (They supported the same guide dog last year too).

I was so impressed with the gingerbread party and the twins felt very proud showing us their work and really enjoyed sharing the activities with us. The teachers must have put so much work into it. It’s things like this that make me so happy that I moved the children to a village school. I only wish I’d taken more photos. If I’d known there would have been that much to do there, I’d have taken my DSLR with me.


Gingerbread party

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