World Book Day 2018 was actually on Thursday 1st March 2018, but due to Storm Emma giving half the country a few snow days, our school postponed it to today. I unfortunately have lacked in spare time and creativity lately, so instead of whipping up a homemade masterpiece, we bought costumes for the girls.


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Bunny went to school as Cinderella, mainly because she already had the dress and partly because I think deep down she knows she will never get away with wearing a dress like this when she’s at secondary school! I am not particularly great at hairstyles, so we just pinned the front sections back and put in a few loose curls through the back. She insisted on looking like Cinderella from the modern film, rather than the iconic cartoon Cinderella who wears a massive styled bun.


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As the twins have recently spent a term studying fairytales, we thought it’d be good to stick with that theme for their World Book Day costumes. 


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Tiny went as Goldilocks from Golidlocks and the Three Bears. She took one of the Bear’s to school with her. We’ll say it was Baby Bear, even though that might confuse things because Baby Bear is actually what we call my son. We should have dressed him up as one of the Bear’s – he’d have looked adorable! I put some ringlets into Tiny’s hair, because in all the traditional stories, Goldilocks had ringlets. I think she looked awesome and it really finished off the outfit. Tiny’s Goldilocks costume came from Sainsbury’s.


world book day, world book day 2018, goldilocks, goldilocks and the three bears


Fluffy went as Little Red Riding hood. Little Red Riding hood typically has her hair down, but Fluffy wanted it up, so we put in a side pony, so her hood would go up more easily and her hair would poke through under the hood on one side. Her costume had a little bag with it too. We bought Fluffy’s Little Red Riding Hood costume from Tesco.


world book day, world book day 2018, little red riding hood


The girls were SO excited to go to school dressed up and of course we put long sleeved tops and tights underneath all their outfits to keep them warm. I really hope they don’t come home with their costumes covered in food from lunch time. Now obviously I’m biased as I’m their mum, but I think they all look adorable!

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