At the weekend, Bunny performed at her second gymnastics competition. She does a yearly competition against members of her own club, but this was only her second competition against other clubs. We travelled down to Dorset for the competition and managed to combine it with a trip to see family and friends, which was really lovely.

The competition was a CDC (club development competition) which I’m told is aimed at gymnasts who train in acro (acrobatic gymnastics) for 4 hours per week or less. Bunny does 4 hours of acro per week and 1.5 hours of tumbling, so she was in the right target for this. Her first ever gymnastics competition was a friendly in Bristol, where she entered as a pair at grade 1. This time, Bunny was entering as a trio at grade 2.


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Bunny was competing against 15 other trios in her category and sadly, nerves and a few blunders got the better of them and they came in 12th. Bunny took it quite hard, as this was the first time she’s ever competed and not got a medal. I’ve since sat down with her and shown her the video, to try and explain where she lost points. Although to be honest, I don’t know much about the technical side of gymnastics, so I’m going by guessing and what I’ve managed to interpret from her coaches. We know the trio’s first balance was a bit untidy, Bunny came out of her one foot stand too early and they were out of time with their choreography in places.


acro gymnastics, CDC competition, gymnastics competition, british gymnastics, CDC grade 2,


As a parent, it’s difficult when your child faces disappointment, but at the end of the day, it’s a learning curve. Bunny and her partners can use this experience to improve and polish their routine ready for the next competition. Myself, the other parents and their coaches, made it clear that we are very proud of them all for doing their best. I absolutely adore watching Bunny perform and it fills me with mum-pride. Their routine was lovely to watch and it showed us just how far Bunny has come since her last gymnastics competition only five months ago. They have two months until the next two competitions, one in house and one invitational (friendly) against other clubs. Fingers crossed they will do much better at those.


acro gymnastics, CDC competition, gymnastics competition, british gymnastics, CDC grade 2,

  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Well done to Bunny! It must be tough not getting the medals, but I can imagine how close the competition must be and it must come down to such small details. It’s great to hear how much progress she’s made. I look forward to reading about the next competition!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Project 365 2018 Week 16My Profile

  2. Verner E says:

    Bunny did such a great job. Does she normally train at home as well? Recently my daughter has shown interest in gymnastics and we do not know where to start.

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