We are only halfway through May and it has already been a busy month for the Crazy with Twins family! In the last fortnight, we have celebrated three birthdays, iced two birthday cake’s, had a BBQ, taken to the skies in a hot air balloon, been to the beach, been shopping, been on a few park trips, gone out to dinner a few times, had a few nice lunch dates with the husband, been swimming and hosted a triple birthday party!

Bunny turned 11 years old and the twins turned 6 years old… I know right… Like how am I old enough to be mum to an 11 year old?!

blowing out the candles, triple birthday party, twins birthday

All three of them were spoilt, as usual!

Bunny got some Pandora jewellery, stationery, gift vouchers, money, clothes, shoes, and from us, we gave in and got her a mobile phone! I think turning 11 has made her feel really grown up and aside from the phone, one of the highlights of her birthday was being able to go shopping. With the birthday money she was given, she and I had a mother-daughter day out. I treated her to KFC and whilst I shopped for the twins birthday presents, she enjoyed choosing things for herself, to buy with her own money. She bought two pairs of flip flops, a maxi dress, shorts, top, hair accessories, necklace, earrings and makeup. I think Claire’s Accessories was the highlight of the trip for her. She got all that and only spent £40. She has saved her gift cards and the last little bit of her money, so she can get a second shopping trip in (cunning plan).

gymnastics birthday cake, 11th birthday cake, homemade birthday cake,

gymnastics birthday cake, 11th birthday cake, homemade birthday cake,

All three girls’ got handmade dresses and hand knitted cardigans from Granny. I should point out that Granny is exceptionally talented and is actually a seamstress by trade. I also have children who LOVE receiving clothes as presents, so they were absolutely thrilled with these.

The twins are still obsessed with Paw Patrol, so they got a variety of Paw Patrol themed presents, much to their little brother’s delight, as he loves playing with it all too! We got them the Sea Patroller, which is much bigger than we thought and is now the first thing you see when you walk in our living room! They also got a variety of toys, games, Barbie’s, clothes and even some money too.

6th birthday cake, girls birthday cake, flower birthday cake, daisy birthday cake, twins birthday cake

6th birthday cake, girls birthday cake, flower birthday cake, daisy birthday cake

Baby Bear even got some presents as a few of our relatives didn’t want him to feel left out! How adorable (and completely spoilt) is that?

Birthday’s make me realise which of my children are the most grateful and the twins are currently in a delightful phase of life where they say “thank you” for literally everything. Every meal, every day trip, every babycino, every story, every treat – you name it, they thank us for it. It’s oh so cute and I hope they never grow out of that! This birthday, even Bunny has seemed more thankful than usual, which was really nice.

Now the birthday chaos has calmed down, we are planning ahead for a few weekends away, Baby Bear’s Birthday and our Wedding anniversary!

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