I recently decided to take up running again. I used to run before I got pregnant with Baby Bear. It started when I ran Race for Life and then I carried on from there until I was running 8 miles a few times a week. I also used a few different online fitness trainers on the days that I didn’t run. You can use these for help with weight loss and nutrition, but I used them mostly for personal training and workouts.

Since Baby Bear, I’ve done absolutely nothing in the way of fitness at all. I cut down on my sugar intake and lost a stone and a half as a result, but I’m by no stretch of the imagination “fit”.

I want to tone up my mummy tummy.

I want to improve my general fitness.

I want to set some goals and challenge myself.


Mum On A Mission


Fitness Goals

There’s one particular goal on the horizon already. I want to run the Cheltenham Half Marathon. Another blogger has said that if I run it, she will run it too. I also know a few other people who are running the half. I’ve been inspired by a wonderful friend of mine who is a breast cancer survivor and just recently ran the London Marathon. I have never run more than 8 miles before but I’d love to complete a half marathon.

So with all that in mind, I went for a test run the other day. I ran two miles, ran into a local supermarket and took a five minute break to buy some Lucozade and give my legs and my breathing a rest. It was quite a warm day and as well as having the remnants of a cold to get over, I just couldn’t quite get my breathing under control. After my short walking-rest, I ran another two miles and finished off with some stretches.

The next day, I have to admit, my legs really felt the strain then. My husband said I was walking like I’d pooped in my knickers (I hadn’t – obviously)! And I haven’t run since. But I will. I’ve got fitness goals to achieve now and I’ve put them in black and white!

Do you run? Do you have any fitness goals? Drop me a comment below.




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