We have spent a few afternoons this week, working on our garden. Our garden needs a LOT of work, but we have already seen a huge improvement. As with most forms of home improvement, having a great garden costs money, So we have compiled a garden shopping list of all the things we hope to eventually buy!


Garden shopping list, children gardening, toddler gardening


Garden Shopping List

Lawnmower – We actually bought this on Wednesday, having gotten fed up of using a strimmer and then having to borrow a mower from family.

Shed – We are looking for an 8×10 Shiplap shed with double doors and a secure lock , to store our new lawnmower, alongside the paddling pool, children’s bikes and garden bits and bobs.

Garden Furniture – We love the look of the wooden garden furniture and have yet to buy a large family sized table and chairs, plus a couple of sunbeds to lay on whilst the children play. They have some really good Teak feast tables and 8-seater tables at Faraway Furniture that I have my eye on.

Barbecue – We already have a Barbecue, but it’s old and rusty now, so in the name of home improvement, we have found a better one that we want to buy.

Decking – Once we have our extension built, the next step is to build some decking, for the garden furniture and the BBQ to sit on.

Stepping stones – As a child, I always loved my grandparents’ garden because they had stepping stones leading up to an archway. I’d love to recreate this for my own children as it was so much fun to skip along the stones and under the arch.

Trees and flowers – We want a few little trees at the bottom of the garden and maybe some bamboo. Then of course we need to buy some flowers and probably some nice ornate plant pots too.

Driveway – Fed up of the parking wars with our neighbours, a driveway is also on the shopping list, but this is an expensive buy so may well be a few years away.

Hot Tub – Once all the other things have been bought and our garden is complete, we’d love to get another hot tub. We used to have a Layzspa, but sadly, owing to the lack of shed, it got somewhat neglected in the winter, so we sold off the parts. I’d love to have a proper hardstanding hot tub though, like we had when we went on holiday to Crealy Meadows!



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